Breathing Life Into Ideas We help you be heard and seen with events that create lasting experiences. We are an experiential marketing agency that works to deliver strategic and authentic engagements infused with humanity. Reimagine the audience experience using the appropriate content and strategies that we bring you so that you can share your brand promise with the world! Our game-changing ideas make us the experiential marketing company that you would want to partner with for driving growth and optimizing brands by looking beyond the traditional advertising strategies to produce real and meaningful relationships.



Virtual Events // Livestream // Premieres // Festivals // Galas // Awards Shows // Virtual Gifting Kits


Live Experience

At our core, we are known for bringing brands to life through award-winning Live Experiences.


Social Campaigns

Comms Strategy // Creative Production // Influencer Mgt. // Platform Mgt.

Giving Customers A Once-In-A-Life-Time Experience Our unbridled creativity and collaborative approach enable us to organize events that industry gate-keepers will talk about! AgenC, your trusted experiential events agency, has helped many renowned brands organize incredible marketing events that brought them ever more closer to their customers. The success of these events is reflected in the unhindered growth of the businesses and the increase in revenues that these companies witnessed. When customers get to see, feel, and live the product in person, the effect it has on the popularity and purchase of the product is great. They are able to relate to the product and even show their stance or give an opinion of the product that can be immensely helpful for your brand. The customers will feel appreciated and valued, giving them more reasons to turn to you

How Experiential Marketing Paves Your Way To Success

The personalized engagement that the event allows makes clients feel valued and part of your journey that connects them to you on an emotional level so strong that you get loyal customers for life. It is the exhilarating human experience that will make them choose you over your competitor. As your experiential agency, we create an experiential marketing strategy that will produce a strong emotional response from your customers to draw them to you.

An increase in touchpoints with your customers makes you more compelling to them. Partner with AgenC, the best experiential marketing agency to get your experiential marketing off the ground! You are apprised and walked through the entire plan to maintain transparency and your contribution in making your business event a success.

We have a customer-centric approach we are able to capture the needs and requirements of your target as well draw out a strategy for you that serves the growth and thriving of your brand. Using the right

marketing channels, partnerships, and other assets required by your audience, we create a marketing strategy that is able to draw more customers and satisfy the existing ones.

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Experiential Marketing Agency LA

AGEN-C helps brands in creating things that resonate with the consumer culture – whether that’s a video series, a short film, interactive installation, immersive experience, festival or virtually anything else that can inspire people to think about your brand. AGEN-C is the leading Experiential Marketing Agency in LA, whose sole mission is to uplift your brand by creating consumer-friendly experiential marketing campaigns.
AGEN-C isn’t your average experiential marketing agency in LA; it’s a video production house, content studio and an experiential production company that does everything you have in mind – a one-stop solution for all your experiential marketing needs.

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