We Reskinned The Iconic Soho News Stand On Prince To Showcase New Product, Portrait Sessions, Provide Sampling Sessions, Oversaw Partnership With A Local Coffee Shop Extension & More.
3 Days 
40,000 Product Samples
8 Partnering Blank Street Coffee Locations


We helped Supergoop launch their “Every. Single. Day” campaign in April, debuting their “Every Single Face” sunscreen by taking over the iconic Soho News Stand on Prince. The debute made headlines for its omni-channel campaign and attention on catering to male customers.

This popop was designed with sustainability, versatility and impact in mind. Whether is snowy Aspen, sunny Coachella or a news stand take over in NYC, The Sunshine Shack was created with a footprint that could pack a punch with a remarkable amount of product displays and integrated POS. 

With an easy assemble/reassemble process, this little ray of sunshine has now made its way to a variety of cities across the country and it’s not done yet. 





Supergoop Logo 1 300x192 1