AGENC held AOR on Rodeo Drive to  produce the largest public events and manage all campaigns to generate record-breaking foot traffic and engagement to Rodeo Drive businesses.


Our team worked with the City of Beverly Hills, the Rodeo Drive Committee and local authorities to create the largest public event on Rodeo Drive.

AGENC oversaw all Strategy, Production and Creative for the 360 campaign that drove 35,000 guests to the event and managed safety, security, and guest management during this high-visibility, non-ticketed, public event on Father’s Day year over year.


AGENC managed 12 BOLD campaigns where we oversaw Strategy, Creative, Production, and Logistics Mgt. to create night-after-night programming on Rodeo Drive.

Programming ranged from curating artist partnerships to create large installations throughout the city to producing 10,000-guest Concerts where AGENC managed the Live Show, Technical Production, Stage Design, Talent Management, Guest Management and Security where we collaborated with the City of Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive Committee, Local Authorities, and Private Security.

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