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To make a global splash, we worked with Prime Video to redefine the red carpet experience with immersive, jaw-dropping Red Carpet journeys in each city. To win the hearts of Press, Talent, and Superfans, we drew from the deep wells of Tolkein heritage to create a unique experience in each city that represented different facets of Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Each premiere had its own identity that heroed the culture of the Middle Earth realms while also targeting and celebrating the unique cultures of LA, Mexico City, Mumbai, and London.
From the kick-off in LA, then moving on to Mexico City and Mumbai, to the finale, transforming London’s iconic Leicester Square, press, fans, talent and executives alike gave glowing reviews on their unique premiere experiences, the perfect introduction to this iconic televised series.  
The extent to which these premieres “took over” each host city was a complete disruption to industry standards. In London for example, we transformed Leicester Square – an urban plaza – into a sea of lush vegetation with rivers, mountains, winding forest paths, and 40’ tall elven towers. From an immersive perspective, each red carpet set a new bar for what is possible for live experiences and Experiential Premieres.
“‘The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power’ Cast Hit Star-Studded London Premiere” – ET CANADA
“There’s ‘No Rivalry’ Between The Rings of Power and House of the Dragon” – VANITY FAIR
“Fans and industry alike erupted with excitement as the cast of The Rings of Power arrived at the beautifully constructed Middle-earth themed red carpet, which was inspired by some of the character costumes seen in the show.” – ESSENCE
“Fan anticipation is at a fever-pitch for Prime Video’s Lord of the Rings spinoff, The Rings of Power, and a select handful of celebrities and tastemakers were able to get a first look at the new fantasy series ahead of its September 2 premiere.” – ESSENCE
“Almost 2,000 people, including cast, producers and fans in Middle-earth, were taken by Amazon on a fabulous red carpet, one of the most spectacular and impressive that has ever been seen, so beautiful that it deserves a show all of its own.” – OPEN TAPES 
 “A more than special experience” – NENROLL NENROLL
“Over 100 media, core fans and local celebrities and industry partners were thrilled to welcome the cast of The Rings of Power into the stunning Middle-earth environment constructed in the courtyard of this historic, stately 18th-century convent school.” – CRITICOLOGOS
“Prime Video hosted a spectacular Asia Pacific premiere in Mumbai for ‘The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power’.” – THE FREE PRESS JOURNAL  
“The premiere kicked off with an address from showrunner JD Payne, with thunderous applause from audiences in the packed auditorium.” – THE FREE PRESS JOURNAL 
“The Rings of Power, in London the world premiere with a fairytale red carpet” – OPEN TAPES
“The premiere reflected the rich, cinematic world of the series, with the cast and crew making a grand entrance on the carpet in true Mumbai-style in a set of vibrant and colourful auto rickshaws.” – OUTLOOK INDIA
“Ahead of the launch of the much-awaited epic drama series, Prime Video hosted a spectacular Asia Pacific premiere in Mumbai for ‘The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power’.” – THE TIMES OF INDIAWi
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