AGENC imagined and created a 4 day Drivable Haunt and Drive-In Theatre packed with Scare actors, interactive photo moments, and over 15 of Hulu’s iconic Halloween Thrillers.


The storylines of Hulu’s iconic Halloween thrillers and characters were brought to life in an immersive, drive-through Haunted Forest. Guests took a journey through living vignettes of character actors, and eerie sets, incorporating more than 15 different properties to give fright and delight to all. With corresponding audio soundtrack routed through each car’s FM radio, we transformed each vehicle into a stage to personally connect guests to Hulu’s seasonal content through this haunted drivable adventure.

Every aspect of the experience was designed for guests to tell their own story. From the anticipation of seeing their favorite characters, to sharing photos of their vehicle as part of the film’s Key Art and overall Huluween branding, to discovering a curated range of surprises in each guest’s (S)CARE Package during screenings. We built in moments throughout the journey for guests to make the experience their own, shoot the haunt the way they saw it, and tell their own story of Huluween.


From the ground up, our team reworked every aspect of Live Production to ensure the safety of our guests, talent and client. During the build, our team executed routine wellness screenings and tested negative for COVID-19. Distanced crew meals, limited zone capacity, and routine sanitization kept the crew secure throughout production. And during the event, distancing, PPE, restroom flips, crowd mitigation, and safety guidelines were standard.