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What Does Likeless Social Mean for Everything Else?

In a world where social media and engagement act as currency and a credibility meter, what does "likeless social" mean for those who count on those metrics to measure success? We took a poll on our Instagram and had a conversation around the topic. Check out Forbes to see their thoughts on the matter.

Good Products and Services Are Not Enough

When bringing brands to life, it's important to capture and communicate the brands' ethos for today's consumer to connect with. We’re living in the age where brands compete on the playing field of “values” to win the consumer’s heart. Check out Freeman's 2019 B2B dream team recap on how Google, SAP, Sprint, and Zillow are looking at experiential a little differently in 2019.

"It's not cool anymore to be manufactured."

As an agency in the marketing space, it's interesting to watch the landscape of social media change before our eyes. According to The Atlantic, over-polished content, perfect feeds, and staging a perfectly-filtered life has been officially overplayed. Check out more of The Atlantic's take on the next wave in social content, the new Instagram aesthetic, and which brands are doing it right. (a VERY good read!)

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