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DRIVE-THRU's are the core of Fall & Holiday Marketing in 2020.

These experiences will be much shorter than a complete screening or performance. Rather, we’re seeing brands begin to use these socially-distant outposts as a destination to drop product, pick up purchases and complete contactless transactions.

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PODCAST: CEO Cara Kleinhaut talks Evolving Events and how to Create Engaging Digital Experiences

Megan Accardo interviews our CEO Kara Kleinhaut on the continuously evolving events industry, how AGENC are pivoting, and how we can continuously deliver value to our clients through highly interactive Experiences – both live and in-person.

DailyDose Holiday Shopping

Consumers Choose Bricks Over Clicks This Holiday

Online shopping still outpaces retail, but this holiday season shows a huge shift back to in-store experiences with over 20% of those surveyed planning to do ALL of their shopping in-store. Click below to read more of Fortune's take on the shopping shift.

DailyDose Measuring Experiential 1

How to Test and Measure Experiential Marketing

One of our huge jobs in experiential is testing, reinventing, and quantifying the success of experiences that we create. Here are some great practical examples from The Drum on how to start the process of testing and measuring your experiences.

AGENC DailyDose Snarkitecture The Beach

A Ball Pitt of 750K Recyclable Plastic Spheres

Daniel Arsham-led architecture firm Snarkitecture repurposed recyclable plastic spheres to create a beach-inspired ball pit for adults. An abstracted representation of a seashore, it can accommodated almost 200,000 "beach-goers" in the National Building Museum’s Great Hall. Click below to read Frame's accounting of project details and future plans for the installation.

DailyDose TechBrandExperiences

Live Brand Experiences for Tech

By investing in real world experiences, brands are able to attract and sustain customer attention. These experiences have the ability to deliver key marketing objectives such as “creating a rapport with audiences to drive loyalty and extend lifetime customer value.” Click below to read Campaign's thoughts on how brands are combining technology with live experiences to create real-world connections with consumers.


Connecting with Today’s Audiences

When bringing brands to life, it's important to capture and communicate the brands' ethos for today's consumer to connect with. We’re living in the age where brands compete on the playing field of “values” to win the consumer’s heart. Check out Freeman's 2019 B2B dream team recap on how Google, SAP, Sprint, and Zillow are looking at experiential a little differently in 2019.


What Does a Likeless Social Mean?

In a world where social media and engagement act as currency and a credibility meter, what does "likeless social" mean for those who count on those metrics to measure success? We took a poll on our Instagram and had a conversation around the topic. Check out Forbes to see their thoughts on the matter.

DailyDose BeatTheNoise 1

AGENC's Recipe to be Heard and Beat the Noise

From CES to Sundance, Superbowl to SXSW, the start of the year is filled with brands releasing their brightest ideas with hopes of winning the hearts and voices of their people. But to be heard when everyone else is activating, it takes a strategic combination of elements to capture the right attention.

DailyDose Pantone Color of the Year 2020

Pantone Transforms Color into Experiences

To reach a variety of audiences, Pantone partnered with brands to create experiences ranging from fragrances and teas, to audio sample packs, and tech-driven installations that immerse audiences in “Classic Blue.” Click below to read more about Pantone's plans for 2020's Color of the Year.

AGENC DailyDose Gen z Beyond Digital

Appeal to Gen-Z by Thinking Beyond Digital

More marketers assume that Gen-Z craves a purely digital approach. On the contrary, there's little distinction between physical and digital for them. Click below to read The Drum's take on why it's more important than ever for brands to be able to play effectively where the real and digital worlds collide.

AGENC DailyDose In goop health san francisco

Find us in San Francisco for In Goop Health with Gwyneth Palrow and Elise Loehnen

It’s a Goop day to begin prepping for the eighth "In Goop Health" Wellness Summit.
Tap the link below to learn how to join us in the Bay for another jam-packed wellness retreat.

DailyDose Inspo BeautyClub

A Chinese Beauty Club Draws Inspiration from the Mountains to Create Ethereal Interiors

Click below to read more about how Chinese design firm Parallect Design incorporated visual elements found in the nearby Hengduan Mountains to evoke a sense of exploration as well as relaxation for a beauty club in China.

DailyDose Forty Five Ten 1

Through a Brick-Shaped Lens

Fashion retailer Forty Five Ten commissioned New York-based design studio Snarkitecture to redesign the windows of their Husdon Yard outpost, which led to this jagged glass-brick façade. Viewers see a half-demolished look from the outside, while the inside is pristine and inviting — a blurring of boundaries that both companies love to embrace. Click below to read Phaidon's report on the eye-catching design.


The Evolving Instagram Aesthetic

As an agency in the marketing space, it's interesting to watch the landscape of social media change before our eyes. According to The Atlantic, over-polished content, perfect feeds, and staging a perfectly-filtered life has been officially overplayed. Check out more of The Atlantic's take on the next wave in social content, the new Instagram aesthetic, and which brands are doing it right. (a VERY good read!)

DailyDose Forecast2020 v2

2020 Experiential Forecast: Our Biggest Bets for the New Year

From Mental Health, to Drop culture, to Global Consumerism – a lot is emerging in 2020. Here’s a breakdown of the top three trends we see and how they’ll effect experiential marketing.

DailyDose Canada Goose

Canada Goose Chills Out with Experiential Retail

The outerwear brand brings 12º C rooms to brick and mortar that help customers EXPERIENCE the power of their products. Click below to read Narcity's reporting on this experiential wonder.

DailyDose BrandBelonging

How Brands Are Providing Meaningful Connections and Real Community

Our hyper-connected digital world has led to an epidemic of social isolation. To address this, brands have tapped into the latest social trend: Brand Belonging. Click below to learn more about AdvertisingWeek360's take on how much brands have to gain from helping consumers create a sense of belonging with each other.

DailyDose AudienceinStory

Your Audience at the Center

To find success in today’s brand marketing ecosystem, brands must find opportunities to get personal with their audience. The way people interact with brands is rapidly changing, which means brand experiences need to evolve too. It’s about listening to your audience, asking questions, and getting them excited about and engaged with the story they have to tell. Click below to read Freeman's thoughts on how marketers can benefit from listening.

DailyDose DesignThinking edit

Design Thinking for Experiences

As event marketers, we are constantly asked to find creative solutions that deliver immersive, innovative experiences that keep our clients’ audiences coming back for more. Design thinking focuses "first on who the audience is and what it is that they want, not just from one event, but from many events to come.” Click below to read Freeman's advice implementing design thinking!

DailyDose BizBashNY

A Conversation with AGENC's CEO about the
"Instagrammable Moment"

When we create experiences, we think beyond the “Instagrammable moment.” It’s about developing a complete journey so that each attendee has their own unique story to tell. Dive deeper into this topic with our CEO Cara Kleinhaut at BizBash Live New York on October 23! Click below for more details and registration.

DailyDose PowerOfExperience2

Adapting to New-Age Consumers

The modern consumer desires personalized experiences and meaningful interactions with brands they love. By Creating experiences that align with your brands core tenets and communicate its values, brands stand a chance of making a lasting impression with audiences in an often-changing digital world. Check out Entrepreneur's roundup of top-notch case studies and get inspired!

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