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Our Story

20 years strong and just getting started

First Event
Production + Design

Cara and Sean partnered 20 years ago forming Caravents Event Production + Design, blending their expertise in event production and live broadcast. Early on, they built a specialized team that allows clients to extend their live experiences onto screens of all sizes. Award shows, conferences, and larger logistical programs became their signature, building a solid client base with brands like ESSENCE, Target, ELLE, and Caesars, winning some awards along the way.

Then We

In 2016, Cara and Sean rebranded “Caravents” to AGENC Experiential + Digital, bringing the best in the business in house to build out our creative, strategy, production, and digital teams. With this talent on board, AGENC pioneered how to create live experiences that were ready-made for authentic social media amplification, while building a network of creators to help their clients amplify across Social, Digital, TV and Influencer Integration.

Now Experiential Campaigns

Today, our team delivers complete Experiential Marketing Campaigns that encompass all facets of strategy, creative, production, audience sourcing, social, digital, design, builds, and PR. We are so excited for our next chapters ahead!

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Experiential Marketing

Over the last 20 years, we’ve built an internationally recognized, Award-Winning Experiential Agency. We’ve helped pioneer Experiential as it's evolved from events into epicenters of content creation and campaign integration. In our increasingly digital world, we remain inspired by the magic that happens in person and the opportunity to connect brands to their people through live experience.


Cara Kleinhaut

Cara Kleinhaut, Founder, Partner and Co-Owner of AGENC, has blazed a path since 2001 to grow AGENC from an event production + design company into a nationally recognized, full service, integrated Experiential + Digital agency, creating award winning experiences and digital campaigns that shape culture and deliver results for leading brands.

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Sean Weber-Small

Sean Weber-Small, Partner and Co-Owner of AGENC, is also our technical wizard, show director, confidential ear, go-to guy with a last minute change and make it all look good on camera. With over 50+ hours of Live Broadcast credits, he is our in house technical guru, problem solver and guy we wouldn't do a show without.

We're really good
at these things


In house Creative to concept and design for screen and experiential, with in house production to design and fabricate everything we dream up together.


Our long-standing bread & butter is delivering best-in-class work while navigating ridiculous challenges and complications along the way.


We started as a Production House and pride ourselves on maintaining the quality of our work at high speed. Ya, we know what an all-nighter is.


From managing a premiere in 4 countries simultaneously, to orchestrating 140 brand partners into a single experience, to 40K guest events, we specialize in scale.



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